About Us

A vintage clothing company for women, men, and children, with sustainability at its heart. Clothes, handpicked by owners Hilde and Miranda, are available to buy online and at events, from their vintage pop-up shop caravan.


“A series of coincidences led us to where we are now. It was all meant to be.”


The co-founders

In their former lives Hilde and Miranda both worked in the scientific industry. Hilde in sales, a former National Product Manager, and Miranda a former Medical Researcher. Not your typical background for vintage clothing company owners! They met when Hilde was supplying Miranda with lab equipment. A while later they ran into each other at their local hospital and noticed they had exactly the same size bumps. A friendship formed over the shared experience of becoming mothers, and a passion for vintage fashion. Hilde and Miranda both now have two children each, and they work flexibly around their families.


The Moss & Rose story

Moss & Rose was launched in 2019, following many chats between Hilde and Miranda about what business they could launch together that would incorporate their passion for vintage and fit around their children. Soon after launching they purchased their beautiful 80s caravan, affectionately named Cassie, which they regularly attend events around the UK with - it’s their pop-up shop.


Both Hilde and Miranda have long been into vintage fashion. Miranda started collecting vintage fashion about 14 years ago while living in London. She had a stall on Spitalfields market selling her jewellery and being in the market she made lots of friends in the world of vintage fashion. For Hilde she’s always had a varied fashion style. One day she’ll be wearing a metal t-shirt and jeans, and other days in a pretty dress. She loves the opportunity for variety that vintage fashion brings.


The why

Re-use, recycle and sustainability is at the heart of Moss & Rose. Both Hilde and Miranda agree that in vintage fashion comes better quality, a better price and the chance to own something unique.

Even their caravan is vintage. For them it’s about wanting people to realise that clothes aren’t to be worn one season and then thrown out. Also, as mums to young children it was important to them to have a business that supported positive values and could work around their children. The events they attend on weekends are family friendly so their children can go along or spend time with their fathers. In fact, Miranda’s eldest daughter, Cordelia, often gets to style what goes on the show mannequin!  


The clothes

Hilde and Miranda handpick every item they sell. They want people to understand that although vintage from head to toe isn’t always for everyone, it can be everyday wear. Moss & Rose stock women’s, men’s and children’s wear items suitable for casual, sports, and formal purposes, mixed in with the more flamboyant partywear. They source their clothes from retired antique dealers, vintage clothes wholesalers and receive donations too.

Baythorne Hall



Supporting charity is important to Hilde and Miranda. They often donate a percentage of their takings to charity, be it one of their choice, the choice of a clothing donator or an event organiser. Something for the future is the hope to get involved in more fashion shows, collaborate with local stylists and other vintage / sustainable retailers where opportunities arise. If you are interested in collaborating with Moss & Rose, get in touch on [email protected]


Find out more

Take a look around the website for all our available stock. You can also connect with us on Facebook. Check our Upcoming Events  for details of what we have coming up.






We also have a permanent bay at Baythorne Hall Antique and Retro Centre, which is a really fun place to visit.

As you can see from their web-site, there is an excellent cafe, a wine shop, farm shop, amongst other exciting establishments.


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